Unleash the most powerful marketing channel ever: Friends.

A tale about the lonely shopper.

Check your phone. OK. Now look at your shop. Do you notice something? How many apps on your start screen are about friends, communication and social activities? Well, there you go. The world is connected, yet when it comes to shopping you are still left alone.

Groupify changes this and turns online shopping into an interactive experience with peers and friends.

Groupify: Better together.

Groupify means to gather, to group up: manage shopping carts together, add friends and place orders together. One payment or separate payments? One or several delivery addresses? A joint shopping trip in real-time or collective orders streched over several days - everything is possible. In your shop.

More customers and more revenue with interactive shopping

Just do the math: the easier it is for your customers to order together and to add friends, the more new customers you win, and the more you sell. Your competitors hate this trick.

Even more revenue with campaigns and group rewards

Add incentives for your customers to open groups and to order more together: Free shipping, discounts or vouchers. Set group goals like number of persons ordering, combined cart values or choose from various other parameters.

» Groupify is not just a setting, it’s an attitude. «

Enter Groupify. Don’t just think about how you win more customers, but how you win their friends.

Cart value
Registered customers per order
Of all invites lead to purchases


One integration. Endless possibilities.

It is completely up to you how you integrate Groupify into your shop: You either make use of our widgets and interface elements, or you build your own interface based on the Groupify API.


Online Shops

Turn your point of sale into a point-of-many-more-sales. With interactive group ordering.


No one goes to concerts on their own. Leading tickets vendors and promoters already leverage the power of Groupify.

Brick & Mortar

The concept works even offline. Omnichannel. Crosschannel. Coco Chanel.


You want more people to load your app. Thought about group downloading instead of group ordering? Group rewards will do the magic.

Contests & Raffles

Better together. Again. Set group goals in order to drive engagement and reward the most active users.


Do you run a lead generation page? Send newsletters? Here’s our offer: What would happen, if everyone on your list invited 5 friends? Call us.